Social Conscious Management

What is Social Conscious Management?

Social Conscious Management is a management approach led by responsible, ethical managers and leaders who facilitate activities for resident transformation while striving to advance positive change for the common good.  When an individual chooses to serve the greater good over themselves, they make better informed decisions which promote an ongoing positive outward transformation of society.   

The issues low-income families face include access to credit, ability to save, lower levels of education, low wage jobs, shorter hours worked, fair to poor health of at least one person in the household, lack or absence of health insurance, and insufficient affordable housing.  Springboard Housing will work to ease and solve the problems low-income families face by utilizing the principles of Social Conscious Management through their network of affordable housing communities and resources.

The mission of Springboard Housing is to preserve, improve, maintain and increase affordable housing for those who are in need, then spring them forward with credit counseling and other advisory services that are designed to improve their lives.

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